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Veggie Fries


Who doesn’t like fried food? Crazy people that’s who!!! No seriously I know that the trans fat and artery clogging food is not good for our body or our soul….. but dog gonnit it is so darn tasty!!! So every now and then I have to indulge in a little bit.  Not too bad right?? Right??

See Vegetables and Panko bread crumbs.  I told you not too bad!!
You can use any veggie combo that you like.  This is just what I happen to have and also like!

1 eggplant peeled, sliced in french fry style and sweated. (that means after you slice it up place on paper towels and sprinkle a little salt and let the bitterness sweat out for approx 30 min.)

2 zucchini sliced in french fry style
2-3 potatoes sliced in steak fry style
flour to coat
1 egg and 3 tbs water combined
panko bread crumbs to coat
 canola oil to fry

In 3 separate bowls place flour, egg mixture and panko bread crumbs.  In small batches coat the veggies first in flour, second in egg mixture, third in panko. Try to use one hand for dry and one hand for wet. It will help keep the mess to a minimum.  Well sort of……
Heat 1/2 inch oil in a pan and in batches fry the veggies about 2 min per side till golden brown. Drain on paper towels for a few seconds….. And you all know the Rule by now right?  Right?  Place on a cooling rack to keep crispy!!!!
Now you have a healthy fried food!!!!


Sweet Cherry Peppers


So my wonderful husband has the fancy camera with him this week in Oregon, so my last 3 posts and these next 3 posts have less than stellar photo’s.  But really at the end of the day it is about the food. And the food is Good!
On the heels of the Hatch Chile’s I am posting more Peppers.  We are kinda Pepper crazy in this household. Except I hate Green Bell Peppers. Weird…. I know but that is me.  I love all other peppers except yucky ole green bell peppers.  These make a fun after school snack, a great appetizer, and just a nice bite in the afternoon, evening, or anytime really.
Crazy easy and hardly any ingredients!

So the amounts will depend on how many you want to make.
Fresh Cherry Peppers
Cream Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil

Cut the tops off the peppers and scoop out the seeds

fill each pepper with cream cheese

Heat oven to 375 and place peppers on a jelly roll pan. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and drizzle a small amount of olive oil.

 Bake for 30-45 min. Till cheese starts to brown and peppers are soft. Place a little cilantro for garnish.  You can serve them hot, room temp, or chilled out of the fridge.  I like them chilled but that is totally any one’s preference.

Pomme Frite Crisps


These easy and yet just a touch of gourmet crisps/chips are quite delectable.  They are a perfect accompaniment to the Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu. Make these earlier in the day and serve them as nice after school snack or warm with a meal.

Again this is one of those recipes that the amounts will vary depending on how many you want to make.  Make a batch as big or small as you want!
You will need:
russet potatoes
salt and pepper
herbs d’ provence
and oil to fry in
Slice the potatoes  on a mandolin slicer and place slices in a bowl of ice water. This will help wash off the starch and make your chips crisper.  See how cloudy the water is? That is all the starch coming off.

Drain the slices on paper towels and pat dry.

In a large skillet heat about 1/4″ of vegetable oil to aprox 375. When you put a potato slice in it should bubble up all around it.  If it doesn’t the oil is not hot enough.  In batches fry the slices about 2 min on each side. Remove to paper towels then sprinkle with salt and pepper and the herbs d’ provence. Immediately put on a wire rack so they won’t get soggy.  Keep working in batches till all are done.

Enjoy your gourmet snack!

Roasted Tomatoes with Brie


Having guests over? Need a easy yet very impressive tasty appetizer? Then this is your ticket!  You can serve these warm right out of the over or make them earlier in the day and serve at room temperature.  Your guests will Ooh and Aahh while they marvel at your kitchen expertise!

6 roma tomatoes sliced in half with seeds removed
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil to drizzle
1 round of brie cheese sliced
fresh flat leaf parsley

pre heat oven to 350.  Slice tomatoes in half and remove seeds with a mellonballer.  Just remove the seed and make sure to leave the pulp in place.

Spray a jelly roll pan with fat free non stick spray.  Arrange tomatoes on pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Drizzle olive oil and roast in the oven for 30-45 minuets. They should look like this when you take them out.

Turn off oven.  Dab approximately 1/2 tsp of pesto on each tomato half, add a slice of brie to each.

Place back in oven and let the radiant heat melt the cheese for 5 minutes.  Remove and place one leaf of parsley on each tomato half.  Serve and enjoy the compliments!

I had a great fresh French Baguette that I served with olive oil and cracked pepper on the side also.

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with Parmsean Cheese toast


1 Skinny french bread baguette

1 pint Baby Heirloom Tomatoes

1/4 cup sliced green olives with pimento’s

3 tbs Balsamic Vinegar

4tbs Olive Oil + drizzle

1/8 cup parmesan cheese (fresh shredded)

6 basil leaves (chiffande cut)

Pre heat oven to 350.  Slice bread 1/2″ thick, place on ungreased cookie sheet.  Sprinkle a few dashes of salt and pepper all over the bread.  Drizzle Olive Oil on the bread and then sprinkle evenly the parmesan cheese.  Bake in the oven for 5 to 8 minutes or untill cheese melts.

Slice tomatoes in 1/2 and 1/4 to make a nice mix of sizes and place in a mixing bowl, add olives, vinegar and olive oil and slat and pepper to taste. Mix till coated. transfer to serving bowl and add basil leaves. Serve with Toasts.