Seven Random Facts and a Great Award!


I work as part of the management staff in a better end retail clothing store and I have crazy hours.  So last night I came home from work gave a quick check to my email before I popped open a bottle of wine to unwind from the day.  Well can you imagine my surprise when I saw that Alyssa from Mom De Cuisine gave me the nicest award?! Me a Versatile Blogger?! I was Over the Moon!!!! I am new to all this and it was just the boost I needed! I have daily conversations with an inanimate object, my computer, and how it won’t perform the way I want it. When in reality it is me who can’t make it perform!
So Alyssa at Mom De Cuisine Alyssa THANK YOU!
So the rules of this Award is to give you all 7 random facts about myself and to pass this award on to 15 deserving bloggers!  How do I choose just 15 when you are all so amazing?!

On to my Seven Random Facts

1.) I am a huge Sci Fi Geek! I love ALL things Doctor Who! I have a secret desire to dress up as Rose and go to the next Comic Con.
2.) I am also  an Anglophile.  It doesn’t help that my nickname for my family growing up was “The Queen” and that I was taught to always use the Royal We.
3.) My husbands job moves us very frequently.  I have lived in 9 states.  IL, TX, TN, NY, OK, NM, KS, CA, MO. California and Tennessee are my favorite 2.
4.) As a family activity we listen to Shakespeare records and play Monopoly or Clue board games.
5.) This may not be so random as this part of my blogs name, but I have an obsession with Plaid! It must be the Anglophile Preppy thing in me.
6.) The book that defines my life is The Official Preppy Handbook and True Prep   by Lisa Birnbach.  On the inside front cover there is a fill in the blank section that I was able to fill out as. X-Libris
This book was borrowed from Chandra Lane Sirois who prepped at Briarcrest, after being kicked out of Evangelical Christian School, because of lack of ability to conform.  True Story!!!
7.) I am madly in love with my Husband Steve and my two dogs Jefferson and Lilly!

Now for my 15 deserving bloggers!

1.) Kitchen Meets Girl My Friend and sounding board for all things food blog! Plus she has great recipes
2.) Chic Gorgeous The most beautiful blog I have ever seen and what lovely recipes!
3.) The Coach’s Wifes Kitchen Fun Easy Wonderful Recipes!
4.) Fire Foodie Anyone who says they are a pyromaniac and can make such amzaing meals is A OK in my book!
5.) Mother Rimmy Great family friendly meals
6.) Kate From Scratch Great different ideas
7.) Wilde in the Kitchen a must stop in the world of food blogging!
8.) Pearl and Pine We all wish we had this woman’s life!
9.) Cosmo Cookie No one and I mean No one can make a cuter cookie!
10.) That’s So Michelle She loves Halloween as much as I do!
11.) The Bare Midriff So I can pretend I work out I track her 100 miles in 100 days!
12.) Fearless Homemaker She loves Martini’s and food! Don’t we all?!
13.) The Hairy Peach She is fun and has really nice recipes
14.) Amour Beurre Check out her site you will be glad you did!
15.) Savour the Senses She might be last on this list but she is most deffinately not least! This is a great blog!

Another HUGE Thank You! to Alyssa! Please everyone check out these bloggers and keep the love going and keep the wonderful recipes comming!!


About the plaid and paisley kitchen

I am just like you, a modern woman juggling life, family, work, and always struggling to find time to work on my hobbies. As the wife of a very picky eater with very definitive likes and dislikes, (Mostly misconceptions of what something may taste like.) I can honestly say that every recipe on here is “Stevie Approved!” I am the Great-Granddaughter of German immigrants and I learned to cook in my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens. As I grew and gained experience in my own kitchen I took the lessons I learned and branched out and started new traditions mixed with Old World styling. I was raised by a very artistic and talented mother, and if I inherited just a tad of her abilities then I consider myself very lucky. In primary and secondary schooling I was always heavily involved in art and drama. I still have a great passion for the theater. I think that a household should have a healthy dose of dramatic flair. I feel that food should be prepared with quality and fresh ingredients, and that meals should be served with love. I believe a home should be comfortable and beautiful at the same time, and that an organized home is a happy home!

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  1. You totally deserve the award! I love your facts. My husband and I like to play board games, but he always cheats at monopoly so I won't play him anymore. Now I'm off to check out some of these other blogs

  2. I can't believe you've lived in 9 states – I've never gotten out of Bothell! I would find that very exciting, but I imagine it has its drawbacks too.

    Anyway, I've really enjoyed visiting your blog, and thank you so much for thinking of passing your award along to me.

    Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Hi Chandra! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and happy to know that you no longer are my quiet follower. Woo hoo.. Wow, your 7 facts about you intriques me and am so glad to know a little more about you now. Living in 9 states..this is quite an adventure. Also, thanks for sharing with me this award too and for thinking I have the most beautiful blog. Certainly makes my day, and do stay in touch okay? Buzz me anytime.. As long I got the time, I will revert back. Hugs, Jo

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